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Carbide Inserts on CNC Machining

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With the development of technology, carbide inserts have become the leading products of CNC machining tools. A survey showed that carbide inserts accounted for the highest proportion of sales of carbide tools, about 50%. Carbide inserts are applied to many CNC machine now. Why choose carbide inserts on CNC machining? What is the application and future development of carbide inserts on CNC machining? If you have these doubts, please don't miss this article. It will state the answer in details.


  • Why choose carbide inserts on CNC machining?

  • Application of carbide inserts on CNC machining

  • The future development of carbide inserts on CNC machining



1. Why choose carbide inserts on CNC machining?

Carbide inserts, as the name suggests, its main production material is cemented carbide. Cemented carbide is made of refractory metal carbide and metal binder powder after processing. Because these metal carbides have high melting point, high hardness and good chemical stability, cemented carbides containing a large amount of refractory metal carbides also have the characteristics of these refractory metal carbides. Therefore, carbide inserts have high hardness, wear resistance, and heat resistance. The hardness of commonly used carbide inserts is 89~93HRA, which is higher than the hardness of high-speed steel (83~86.6HRA). And carbide inserts are resistant to high temperatures. Carbide inserts can cut materials at a high temperature of 800~1000℃. The cutting performance of carbide inserts is much higher than that of high-speed steel tools. The durability of carbide inserts is several times that of other inserts. When the durability is the same, carbide inserts can increase the cutting speed by 4 to 10 times.


2. Application of carbide inserts on CNC machining

Because of the superior hardness and heat resistance of carbide inserts. Therefore, CNC machining often choose carbide cutting tools for lathes to cut materials. The composite materials, industrial plastics, organic glass materials and non-ferrous metal materials on the market are all cut and processed by carbide cutting tools for lathes. Cemented carbide is divided into two categories: tungsten-cobalt alloy (YG) and tungsten-cobalt-titanium alloy (YT). Tungsten-cobalt alloys have good toughness. Tools made of tungsten-cobalt alloys are easy to deform in the cutting process, cutting is light and fast, and the chips are not easy to stick to the knife. Therefore, in general, we will choose tools made of tungsten-cobalt alloy to process stainless steel. Tungsten-cobalt-titanium alloy is more wear-resistant than tungsten-cobalt alloy under high temperature conditions. But it is brittle and not resistant to impact. Therefore, we will choose tools made of tungsten-cobalt-titanium alloy to process plastic materials, such as steel.


3. The future development of carbide inserts on CNC machining

With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of production level, the transition of machine tools from traditional ordinary machines to CNC machines is an unstoppable trend. Carbide cutting tools for lathes play an important role in the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure. Carbide cutting tools for lathes can effectively improve product yield and quality. Machine numerical control is an upgrade trend of the machine industry, and the demand for numerical control tools will also expand. As an important component of CNC metal cutting machines, carbide inserts will drive the consumer demand for CNC tools, whether it is the equipment needs of stock machine tools or the incremental demand for new machine tools every year. At the same time, carbide inserts are consumables. If the carbide inserts are worn to a certain extent, they need to be replaced in time. Therefore, the demand for carbide inserts in the market is still considerable.


The above is all the content of this article, I hope this article can solve your problem and help you choose the best carbide inserts. If you need it, welcome to contact us. We are a professional manufacturer and we can provide best products for you, such as tungsten carbide inserts, carbide grooving insert, carbide threading insert.

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