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  • A cemented carbide die for pressing CNC insert products

    A cemented carbide die for pressing CNC insert products, including die body, punch part, and core pin assembly;The punch part includes upper punch and lower punch;The lower punch is provided with a core pin hole, the bottom is connected to the base, and the base is provided with an empty slot;The di

  • Tolerance of shape and position in machine processing

    Tolerance of shape and position in machine processingDefinition of shape and position tolerancesThe geometric characteristic of a part refers to the deviation between the actual element of the part and its geometric ideal element. It includes the deviation of size, the deviation of the shape, direct

  • About Burray

    If you want high-quality tool protection and performance, don’t look any further than Burray carbide for carbide tools.Burray carbide produces carbide tools of unsurpassed quality at prices that our customers deem valuable for their operations.We have been in business for more than decades and our c

  • CNC wedM machining

    CNC wedM machining 1. Introduction to CNC Wire Cutting MachineThe WEDM machine tool consists of the machine tool body, control system, pulse power supply, wire transport mechanism, working fluid circulation mechanism and auxiliary equipment (automatic programming system).Wire-cut machine tools can b

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