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What are the applications of five-axis machining technology in production

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What are the applications of five-axis machining technology in production

What are the applications of five-axis machining technology in production

With the development of science and technology, five-axis machining technology is widely used in machining. This paper takes the actual mold parts processing as an example to analyze the feasibility and importance of five-axis machining technology in mold machining. After comparing with the three-axis machining technology, it is known that the five-axis machining technology can improve the machining efficiency and the quality of the parts, and reduce the number of electrodes, which helps mold processing companies to fully apply the five-axis machining technology, improve product quality, and shorten product Production cycle.

Five-axis machining technology can quickly enhance the machining efficiency in mold manufacturing and processing, which is generally reflected in the following points:

(1) Clamping the parts at one time can complete most of the processing;

(2) The local area has high machining accuracy and short machining time;

(3) With the reduction of difficult-to-machine parts, the number of electrodes is reduced, and the mold production cycle is shortened.

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The shape of the part itself determines its processing method. Therefore, before programming, the shape and processing technology of each part of the part should be analyzed to ensure the selection and placement of the part tool, and reduce the secondary clamping and secondary processing. The three-dimensional drawing of the air conditioner skeleton mold part is also a typical part processed by five-axis machining technology in mold production.

Five-axis machining technology can perform multiple jobs at the same time by changing the cutting tool and changing the swing angle of the tool or workpiece in the process of clamping parts at one time. In the contact between the tool and the workpiece, the cutting is carried out in the high-speed rotation of the tool, so as to achieve the desired cutting effect.

The contact angle between the tool and the surface of the workpiece to be machined is different, and the cutting principle is also different, and the final cutting quality is naturally different. In the plane smooth knife and side cutting, the workpiece and the tool are in a form of surface contact. Compared with point contact, the processing quality and efficiency are better, which effectively reduces the workload of the surface polishing process of the parts.

In the same area, five-axis machining is used. After positioning, the surface to be machined and the tool axis are kept in a vertical state. Using the cutting method of the flat wide knife, the tool and the workpiece are in surface contact, which not only obtains high machining efficiency , it also prolongs the service life of the tool, and there will be no "residual height" between the tool paths, and a higher surface quality can be obtained; in addition, by replacing the tool and using the precision of the machine tool, part of the fine boring and grinding can be completed. , polishing and other processes, only simple polishing is required in the follow-up work.

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