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Company profile

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Company profile
For over 10 years, we have been developing and producing sophisticated hard material cutting and mold punching solutions: From highly specialized cutting tools, indexable inserts  to carbide punch and dies of carbide grades for inserts and wear parts working. The constant innovation of materials and applications helps us and our customers to create a large number of machines, tools, applications, and consumer goods which shape our immediate environment and are part of our everyday life.

Product knowledge
Whether turning, drilling, milling, parting or boring: in the largest range of machining products, you will find a wide selection of innovative, state-of-the-art products for every area of application. As a manufacturer, our team
cutting tools offers solutions for semi-standard or customer-specific special tools standard articles.

Custom products
As we offer the entire production chain of our cemented carbide solutions from a single source, we are always able to guarantee maximum quality. Every stage from the ore to the blank and the ready-to-use is subjected to scrutiny. So, we can promise you that our solutions will give you high performance, backed up by safety and reliability. Put simply, choosing Hard Material Solutions means increased productivity and lower costs. Products not covered by the standard range are developed individually and in close collaboration with you.


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