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Use of carbide wear-resistant parts

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Use of carbide wear-resistant parts

As industrial teeth, cemented carbide is widely used in industrial production for its high hardness, high strength and high wear resistance. Sichuan Burray carbide Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of tungsten steel dies with high precision, impact resistance and wear resistance, which can be customized and processed according to the drawings and customer requirements to meet the production and use performance.

Cemented carbide mold production and processing according to the specific use of mechanical equipment mold demand differences, we provide carbide mold production and processing of a variety of materials selection. If the material of cemented carbide die parts used by customers has special requirements, we can refer to relevant physical parameters for adjustment and collocation, such as non-magnetic cemented carbide mold.

We have been focusing on the production of cemented carbide, tungsten steel processing non-standard customized, for the majority of customers, friends, colleges and universities to provide experimental non-standard tungsten steel processing production.

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