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Ways to improve the efficiency of CNC machining

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Ways to improve the efficiency of CNC machining

CNC machine tools are different from ordinary machine tools, and the methods of managing ordinary machine tools cannot be copied to CNC machine tools. According to the management practice of some users who have used CNC machine tools for many years, it is better to adopt a relatively centralized management method for all units with more CNC machine tools, that is, the method of "professional management, centralized use".

Process technology preparation is the responsibility of the factory process technology department, and production management is unified and balanced by the factory's assigned tasks. If conditions permit, the production method of computer integrated management can be adopted. The computer manages the various operations and processing information required for the production of CNC machine tools, and implements information sharing to reduce production preparation time, optimize logistics routes, and effectively improve productivity. In production practice, the machining efficiency of CNC machine tools depends to a large extent on the ratio of cutting time to the working time of CNC milling machines. The greater the ratio, the higher the production efficiency.

Generally speaking, the methods to improve the processing efficiency of CNC machine tools are as follows. First, change the understanding of CNC technology. CNC technology is a comprehensive technology. In addition to CNC machine tools, there must be corresponding supporting technologies and personnel support, especially in CNC People play a decisive role in the machining process. The technical capabilities of management personnel, engineering and technical personnel, engineering maintenance personnel, and operators will affect the production efficiency of CNC machine tools; second, formulate effective tool management measures, such as pre-processing tools. Adjust to reduce the installation and adjustment time of the tool on the machine tool, and manage the tool through the management system to reduce the errors caused by manual management; third, because the selection of tooling and fixture is directly related to the installation time and measurement time of the workpiece, it should be Realize the management of tooling fixtures.

In order to improve the efficiency of CNC machining, it is recommended to set up a CNC workshop to integrate technical personnel, production personnel, equipment maintenance personnel, and inspection personnel in the same department, which facilitates unified arrangements and collaborative services in production. Institutional settings include workshop directors, chief CNC engineers, production planning and scheduling, CNC process programmers, tool builders, equipment maintenance personnel, inspectors, CNC operators, warehouse managers, etc.

The purpose of establishing a CNC workshop is to centrally manage and move the production forward, expose the factors that affect the efficiency of CNC machining as much as possible in the early stage of production, make sufficient preparations before production, and maximize the ratio of cutting time to the working time of CNC milling machines and reduce Waiting time for downtime caused by waiting for the program, waiting for technical processing, waiting for machine tool repair, waiting for tool measuring tools, waiting for inspection, etc.

The production process is as follows: the company's production management department issues production tasks → CNC workshop → minister → chief CNC engineer (mainly in charge of CNC technology and quality work), production planning scheduling → CNC process programmer, tool tooling engineer → CNC operator → inspection Personnel → library manager, production is over.

None of the links should be out of touch, otherwise it will inevitably affect the processing efficiency and delay the production cycle. The function of the chief CNC engineer: After receiving the task, coordinate the production planning and scheduling to organize the CNC process programmers and tool tooling engineers to do technical digestion, programming, preparation of tools, tooling and fixtures, and form technical documents. The function of the tool tooling division: According to the technical requirements and procedures, prepare the required tooling and tools in the early stage and install them on the corresponding tool holders while measuring the tool length value. In the end, the CNC operator can quickly start the machine tool to process the parts by getting the task list to receive the parts, drawings, programs, tools, and tooling, which greatly reduces the downtime waiting time and increases the ratio of cutting time to the working time of the CNC milling machine.

As long as the above factors that affect the efficiency of CNC machining are optimized or resolved, the efficiency of CNC machining will inevitably be greatly improved.

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