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Why Cemented Carbide Blades Can Increase Output Capacity?

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Why Cemented Carbide Blades Can Increase Output Capacity?

With the development of technology, more and more factories choose to use carbide inserts in production. Because carbide inserts can increase output capacity obviously. It can be said that carbide inserts play a fundamental role in promoting the development of manufacturing. More and more people are now aware of the importance of carbide inserts. So why cemented carbide blades can increase output capacity, if you are interested in carbide inserts but not very familiar, don't worry, this article will solve your confusion.

Carbide inserts production materials

The characteristic of carbide inserts is the reason why it can increase output capacity

The correct use of carbide inserts can make it better increase output capacity

1. Carbide inserts production materials

First of all, we need to understand the production materials of carbide inserts. Cemented carbide blades, as the name suggests, are mainly made of cemented carbides. Carbide inserts are refined through multiple production processes. Cemented carbides are also known as tungsten steel. So carbide inserts are also called tungsten carbide blades. Cemented carbides are made of high-quality tungsten carbide and cobalt powders, which are mixed in formula and then pressed and sintered. They have high hardness, high strength, high wear resistance and high elastic modulus. Cemented carbides are called the teeth of modern industry. The carbide inserts made from it also play an important role in industrial production.


2. The characteristic of carbide inserts is the reason why it can increase output capacity

We already know that the material used to make carbide inserts is a material with high hardness, high strength and high wear resistance. So what are the characteristics of carbide inserts? The hardness of carbide inserts is very high. The hardness of carbide inserts is second only to diamond. We all know that the hardness of diamond is very high, but the hardness of carbide inserts can maintain 60HRC at 900~1000℃. Therefore, carbide milling insert are not only high in hardness, but also have good wear resistance, toughness and corrosion resistance. These are not common alloy blades.

The superior wear resistance of carbide inserts makes carbide milling inserts 4 to 7 times higher than high speed steel cutting speed, and 5 to 80 times longer service life. In terms of manufacturing molds and measuring tools, the service life of carbide milling inserts is 20 to 150 times longer than that of alloy tool steel. Carbide inserts can cut hard materials of about 50HRC. The characteristics of carbide inserts enable it to greatly increase the output during the work process. At the same time, carbide inserts can process many materials. The composite materials, industrial plastics, and non-ferrous metal materials on the market can be processed and cut by carbide inserts.


3. The correct use of carbide inserts can make it better increase output capacity

Now you know why carbide inserts can increase yield. But the correct way to use it can make the carbide inserts give full play to their capabilities. Before installing carbide inserts, please carefully clean the dust, cuttings and other debris on the machine in advance to keep the bearing installation surface and the foot cutter clean. When the carbide inserts are installed, you can use your right index finger to carefully hook up the tungsten carbide blade and leave the blade in the air, then tap the knife body with a wooden hammer to listen to the sound on the knife body. For example, if the blade is dulled, the knife body may be Damaged by impact from external forces.



I hope this article will solve your problem. If you need to buy carbide inserts, welcome to contact us. We are a professional manufacturer and can provide you with high-quality carbide inserts, coated carbide blade and so on.

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