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How to Choose Cemented Carbide Grades for Mining Tools?

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How to Choose Cemented Carbide Grades for Mining Tools?

The correct selection of material grades is one of the extremely important factors to ensure the effective use of cemented carbide mining tool.

When choosing cemented carbide grades,

the toughness of the alloy should be emphasized for extremely hard rocks and heavy-duty rock drills with high impact power, and alloy grades with higher cobalt content should be selected.
For hard, brittle, and highly corrosive rocks, emphasis should be placed on the wear resistance of the alloy, choose alloy grades with a slightly lower cobalt content.

For medium-hard and below-medium-hard rocks, alloy grades with lower cobalt content and higher hardness should be used.

For machine-pick coal mining under heavy load, the cemented carbide grade is mainly focus on reduce the cobalt content and increase the grain size, so that the bending strength and impact toughness of the alloy can be greatly improved.

For column teeth, cross and three-blade drill bits, cemented carbide with lower cobalt content is used.

The following points should also be noted:

1.The physical and mechanical properties of the rock formation, such as hardness, friction, etc. and its shape characteristics. The general principle is: the harder the rock to be chiseled, the better the toughness of the selected alloy sheet, but not too soft. Note that the wear resistance should not be too low, because too soft will increase the consumption of the alloy and reduce the rock drilling efficiency. For rock formations with many cracks, regardless of the hardness and the type of rock drill used, a cross-shaped bit should be used.

2.Rock drill model, such as light, heavy, etc.;

3. Rock crushing method (cutting, shearing, crushing, etc.);

4. Equipment capacity (wind pressure level)

The above is the main content of this article, hope it can be helpful to you when choosing cemented carbide material grades. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you professional service.

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