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Is a mechanical seal reliable

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Is a mechanical seal reliable

Mechanical seals with improved functionality not only prevent the leakage of liquids or gases handled by the machine to the outside, but also increase the operating efficiency of the machine, thus helping to achieve energy savings and prevent environmental pollution. In addition, in some cases, the media handled by rotating machinery can lead to dangerous accidents in case of leakage. Therefore, manufacturing supported by reliable engineering expertise requires mechanical seals with a high degree of reliability.


This passage is going to talk about the followings of mechanical seal:

1) What is a mechanical seal?

2) Advantages of mechanical seal

3) Choose our best Mechanical seals


1) What is a mechanical seal?

What is a mechanical seal? The control of fluid leakage is known as "sealing" in the mechanical seal industry. Let's look at the following 3 situations.

1. No seal

If no mechanical seal or gland packing is used, the fluid will leak through the gap between the shaft and the body.

2. With gland packing

The use of a sealing material called gland packing on the shaft is effective if the purpose is only to prevent leakage from the machine. However, a gland packing wrapped tightly around the shaft can impede shaft movement and cause shaft wear, so a lubricant is required during use.

3. With mechanical seal

Separate rings are installed on the shaft and machine housing to minimize leakage of the fluid used in the machine without affecting the rotational force of the shaft.

To ensure this, each part is manufactured to a precise design. The mechanical seal prevents leakage of dangerous substances even under harsh conditions that are difficult to handle mechanically or at high pressures and speeds.


2) Advantages of mechanical seal

(1) Reliable structure, leakage can be limited to very little, as long as the surface roughness and straightness of the main sealing surface can be guaranteed to meet the requirements, as long as the material wear resistance is good, mechanical seals can achieve little leakage, even invisible to the naked eye leakage.

(2) Long life. In the mechanical seal, the main wear part is the seal friction side face, because the amount of wear on the seal face in normal working conditions is not large, generally can be used continuously for 1 to 2 years, special occasions are also useful to 5 to 10 years.

(3) No adjustment is needed in operation. Because the mechanical seal relies on spring force and fluid pressure to make the frictional sub-fit, and automatically maintain contact in operation, there is no need to adjust the compression after assembly, as in the case of ordinary soft packing.

(4) It is vibration resistant. The maximum amplitude is not more than 0.05mm under the speed of 3000r/min, and the PV value is increasing.

(5) Small power loss. Packing seal is by the compression of the packing on the shaft or sleeve to play a role. Filler seal and shaft friction directly, the tighter the packing friction is greater, the greater the power consumption. The mechanical seal friction is in the semi-liquid friction state, the friction coefficient is very small, the mechanical seal power loss is 10 ~ 50% of the packing seal.

(6) The bellows seal shaft or sleeve is not subject to wear and tear, and is not sensitive to the swing of the rotating shaft and the deflection of the shaft to the shell.

(7) Wide range of application. When the medium is flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful, the use of mechanical seals can ensure sealing. It is also suitable for high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum various speed and corrosive media equipment seal.


3) Choose our best Mechanical seals

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