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WNMG Cemented Carbide Die

Application: Machinery
Mould Life: 100000-300000 times
Surface Treatment: Polishing
Tungsten carbide die for pressing WNMG inserts
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Powder Metallurgy Mould

Powder forming mold is to put powder into the to compress, solidify, and sinter at high temperature to form high-precision parts,

which can be mass producted. The use of high-precision molds omits the cutting waste after forming and sintering, and achieves the

purpose of reducing costs.

 Product Description

photobank (92)photobank (93)photobank (94)photobank (95)

         WNMG040306-63                        WNMG080404-MA                     WNMG080402-HA                      WNMG120408

photobank (96)photobank (97)photobank (98)photobank (99)

          WNMG080412                              WNMG080408                          WNMG080408L-ZG                       WNMG080412-V


        WNMG080404-ZPF                            WNMG080408-PM                   WNMG080408-SPL                       WNMG100608



Powder Metallurgy Mould

Burray’s production expertise, using premium grades of carbide, powdered metal and steel, can significantly improve productivity, 

minimize downtime, and lower your tooling costs.


1. Near-net shape products can be manufactured through molds.

2. Suitable for materials that are difficult to process.

3. Quick installation system can not only reduce the time to install the mold, but also reduce the damage rate of the mold.

4. Usually, multiple air holes are embedded in the product, and the visible density is lower than the true density, which reduces the

weight of the product.

5. Has a high modulus of elasticity, generally is (4 ~ 7) × 104kg / mm2, and excellent rigidity at room temperature.


1.Direct factory sale.

2.Reasonable price.

3.good wear resistance.

4.Longer service life.

5.OEM service available.

6.Short and on time delivery.

7.Samples and small orders are acceptable.

 Powder Metallurgy Mould

Every part is carefully processed (by grinding, machining, milling, wire-cutting, EDM etc) to the exact tolerances shown on the drawing 

and carefully checked both in production line and QC room (QC check every dimension of every part before packing and shipping). In 

this way, we assured the high precision and thus the interchangeability in the tool room of the customers’ factory.


1.Plastic case filling sponges, and foam. cotained in wooden/carton case.

2.Special packaging according to clients' requirments.

3.Shipping: Shenzhen, Chongqing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou, etc. We accept land, air, sea transport and international multimodal 





Powder Metallurgy Mould Certifications




Q1: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
A1: We are a manufacturer of tungsten carbide mould. Our factory located in Zigong City, Sichuan Province. Welcome to visit our 



Q2: What about the package?
A2: We use plastic boxes to pack our products, and filled plastic is shockproof and transported in cartons. also It can make as you 

need and depend on the shapes of the product.


Q3: What is your minimum order requirement?
A3: OEM and customization are available. we accept the small trial order, big order will get a big discount. and try our best to service 

our customers.

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