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What are the applications of 3R system​ in mold manufacturing?

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What are the applications of 3R system​ in mold manufacturing?

What are the applications of 3R system in mold manufacturing?

Using the positioning accuracy of 3R, the 3R fixture can also be installed on the work surface of the electric spark, so that the accuracy of each equipment can be fully utilized. Equipment with low precision or cheap equipment is used for rough machining, and the cavity part will be rough machined here, regardless of loss, the current can be increased as much as possible to shorten the processing time. High-cost equipment and high-precision equipment are used for final finishing. In this way, processing enterprises have a relatively large saving in equipment investment.Because no matter how inaccurate the rough machining is, the final forming is done on a very good equipment, and the accuracy of the cavity is guaranteed by the last piece of equipment.Assuming that the final piece of equipment is more than a million Swiss equipment, it can be said that its precision is that of Swiss equipment, no matter how old and no precision equipment is used for roughing. In the same way, this is also the case in other processing equipment. According to the accuracy of the machine tool, it is divided into roughing and finishing. Because of the precise positioning and clamping system, it does not require great effort to transfer from one equipment to another. Setting machining coordinates not only saves money, but also protects high-precision equipment. Using the 3R system not only ensures the accuracy, but also does not reduce the loss of high precision, which is a multi-purpose thing.

Standardize all machine tool interfaces in the workpiece machining process, that is, use a unified clamping and positioning system in each machining station. The interface is unified, the time for repeated clamping is saved, and the time for correction is also saved, so that the waiting time of the machine tool can be almost completely eliminated.

On the premise that the processing interface is unified, the standard interface can be extended to the measuring equipment, because the repeated positioning accuracy of the 3R system is very high, the workpiece measured on the three-coordinate measuring instrument with the 3R installed is equivalent to not being removed from the processing equipment. , like a random measuring device. In this way, people can do a lot of preparatory work outside the machine, that is, off-machine installation, off-machine measurement, off-machine pre-adjustment, and off-machine programming. This step will achieve the organization of workpieces and processes, also known as organization. If the 3R system is coupled with robots and manipulators, it will make the automation of mold production possible.

The 3R system has another advanced concept, because the use of 3R will greatly reduce the complexity of the process, and the requirements for the personal production skills of processing operators will be reduced. Still taking the electrode as an example, when the electrode is processed, it needs to be calibrated on the EDM machine. According to different clamping difficulties, the requirements for operators are different. After using the 3R fixture, this problem does not exist. Senior workers are capable , a newly recruited worker can be trained for a few hours. Therefore, enterprises can save a lot of money in labor costs.

Application case: A company in Shenzhen is a professional factory for manufacturing precision plastic molds. The equipment is imported. It has 4 sets of wire cutting machines, 4 sets of EDM machines, 2 sets of coordinate grinding machines, and 1 set of high-speed machining centers. , The 3R process reference positioning system is used to realize the "one-minute change" between five machine tools including wire cutting, EDM, high-speed machining center and coordinate grinding. All electrodes are equipped with 3R reference components, and 3RWEDM is used for wire cutting. The effect of the benchmark system is to shorten the production cycle of the mold to 2/3 of the original when the original equipment remains unchanged, especially when it is used to manufacture complex molds and multi-electrode, multi-cavity molds, the effect is very significant.

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